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Welcome to Trapper Creek Farm/Alaska website. Trapper Creek Farm was established in 1983 and is dedicated to the commercial production of native plants for revegetation, reclamation and habitat restoration projects. We produce seed of the native grass Arctagrostis latifolia (common name Alyeska polargrass), and a native sedge, Carex pachystachya, (common name Chamisso Sedge). Native Plant status and distribution is directly correlated to the pacific flyway of migratory birds.

Here is an information update on Carex pachystachya (common name chamisso sedge). Trapper Creek Farm had a successful 2012 carex harvest. With our chamisso sedge seed in inventory and our 2012 harvest; carex seed will be available for any of your 2013 wetland restoration projects.

Canadian & Alaskan clients have noted that the Native Plant chamisso sedge seems to work well in wetland restoration projects, with good establishment and withstands mowing. In linear right-of-way projects with intermittent wetlands (utility R-O-W, roads, pipelines etc.) a seed mixture containing 8%-10% of chamisso sedge has proven cost-effective for soil stabilization and erosion control.

The plant profile from the USDA for this Carex is listed below. The USDA profile lists this species as Native Plant Status in USA (AK, CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, OR, WA, WY) and Canada (AB, BC, SK, YT). We sell these plant materials to private industry and governmental agencies. Trapper Creek Farm is a member of the Alaska Seed Growers/Crop Improvement Association.

Seed is available through 3 locations:

  • Atten: Phillip DJ Smith
    Trapper Creek Farm Alaska/ P.O. 4272/ Palmer, Alaska 99645
    Ph (907) 745-1193 EMAIL

  • Atten: Steve Rooke
    Alaska Garden & Pet Supply / 114 N. Orca / Anchorage, AK 9950
    Ph (907) 222-2047 EMAIL

  • Atten: Harold A Wood
    Landmark Turf & Native Seed/ 4908 S. Hayford Road/ Spokane, WA 99224
    Ph (800) 268-0180 EMAIL:

  • USDA Plant Profile

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